Links - Aerial Aspect Photography - Professional Aerial Photography serving Northeast Ohio.  - Packer & Associates, Inc - Aircraft Insurance - Model Airplane field located at Barber Airport - THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING THING I HAVE SEEN .. As some of you know I was a Physics & Math guy in College, wrote back and forth with Stephen Hawking, tried to explore Hydrogen back in the early 60s;  Well folks I was right, it is possible.  Direct to electricity. - Skydiving here at Barber Airport!  More pictures too! - Carter's Copy Center - Experts at Printing and Copying - Alliance, OH - Ron & Dennis Corbi and their staff are great. LSA too!! - Read about the new project taking place at Barber Airport - East Central Ohio Pilot's Association.  Great bunch of aviators!

Maggoo's Pizza, Pasta & More - At the New Philadelphia Airport - Check 'em out HERE on Facebook. - This is Lawless Industries in Youngstown Ohio.  Check out ALL the things they do.   Batteries, drag bikes, electric anything, WE are working with them on the Flying Car. - Serving Alliance since 1917.  First airplane in Alliance. Good deals! - Home page for Taylorcraft Foundation & Taylorcraft Owner's Club Great place to train for higher ratings.  Located at Akron-Fulton Airport (AKR).  - Check it out for Unmanned aircraft and my new project - a flying automobile.  Call Forrest Barber for any information.  We are also looking for investments.  330.495.5447 - Best Dodge dealership in the whole area.  Good pilot too! - The finest CCW course and other training in the United States. - Young Eagles - Experimental Aircraft Association